Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tribes and Representation of Myself


When I accessed the UK tribes website I was disappointed as I felt that the representations of certain groups were out-dated because they looked as if they hadn't been updated since 2012. For example, the Indie, Hipster and Tumblr tribes were stated as favouring brands such as Obey and being really into snapbacks. This is far from the case now and things have moved on substantially and brand such as 'Obey' are now generally associated with the 'chav' tribe. 


If I'm honest, I'd say I don't really connect to one tribe/group of people, I tend to be influenced by many different ones simultaneously. I hate labelling myself but if I really have to I'd say I belong to a tumblr group that's into clothes and photography.

I don't really consciously model myself on anyone, and again I don't really think I belong to one particular group of people.

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