Tuesday, 16 September 2014



The Man

Initial Impression From this picture, I get the impression that the man is poor due to his appearance matching the stereotypical appearance of a homeless person e.g beanie hat, damaged/worn trousers, mismatching clothes. I also get the impression that he his of lower class as he clearly smokes and has a does not look very well groomed because of his facial hair. 

The other impression I initially had was that he could potentially be some kind of hipster, due to the rolling up of his trousers and his very expensive shoes. 

Who he really is: He works for Ralph Lauren as an art collector for its flagship store in NYC.

The Woman

Initial impression: From this picture I got the impression that this women was upper class, as she is wearing very eccentric/expensive clothing that is designed to garner attention. I also got the impression that she was high up in the fashion industry, as old women that are stylish typically carry a lot of prestige in the fashion world. 

However, another impression that I got from the women was that she may have some kind of mental disability as she is wearing very bright and colourful clothing, which doesn't conform to society's social norms. 

Who she really is: Her name is Anna Da Piaggy and she was an italian fashion journalist

The Man II

Initial impression: From this image I gained the impression that the man was of working/business background due to his semi-formal yet casual attire. I also garnered the impression that he was involved in something important because stereotypically important businessmen talk on the phone in public; similar to what he is doing. However, I did get the impression that he was just a typical man in his late 30's because of his casual trouser wear and converse trainers. 

Who he really is: He's the world renowned and very famous fashion designer Calvin Klein.
Plot twist: he's in his 70's, not his late 30's 

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