Sunday, 28 September 2014

My 5x5

5x5 TV Shows

Friends- A classic sitcom from the 90's, it's one of those tv shows where it doesn't matter if you've watched it before; it will still make you laugh 

Frasier- Another classic sitcom from the 90's, it may not be as well known as friends (especially not with my generation) but I find it hilarious and its intelligent sense of humour never fails to entertain

Battlestar Galactica (2004) - this sci-fi drama from 2004 is probably one of the best t shows I have ever watched, it may be a bit to sic-fi for some, but you don't have to be into sci-fi to appreciate its amazing story arc, incredible acting and impressive special effects

Misfits- this show always makes me laugh, it's edgy humour and good acting make it one of my favourite things to watch

Skins- it may portray teenage life in a very stereotypical way, but it's just one of those shows that never gets old

5x5 Movies

Pulp Fiction- one of the best Tarantino films ever, the script writing is impeccable and it's non linear story arc is intriguing (the beginning of the film is the end of the film)

Kill Bill Vol.1- though it's fight scenes maybe a little long winded, its cheesy gore and it's black humour always make me smile 

American Beauty- this film had so many plot twists that it didn't seem like it was 2 hours long, every single one of its characters were deep, complex and likeable, no wonder it one best picture of 1999

Bladerunner- this one of my favourite Ridley Scott films, I a film noir from the 80's, I really like the art style of the film and how dark it is, the cinematography is also really impressive 

Lost in Translation- I don't usually like romance films but this film is an exception, the film has really good acting and I also like how it is set in Tokyo and explores Japanese culture 

5x5 Characters

Mia Wallace- There's not many people that can make overdosing on heroin look as glamorous as she did, she's smart, mysterious, stylish and charming, that's why so many people think of her as a main character in pulp fiction, despite her fairly short role in the film 

Vincent Vega- Another character from Pulp Fiction, his dry sense of humour and ability to keep his cool (despite shooting Marvin in the head) make him instantly likeable 

Lester Burnham- his deep dissatisfaction with life and pretty much everything makes him relatable and his indifference towards the way he acts after years of conforming makes him hilarious 

The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo- Her strong determination to get revenge and kill the people who betrayed her and willingness to slaughter anyone who gets in her way make me laugh (I'm not sure why, I'm not a psychopath I promise) 

Yoda (episode V)- He's a small, green and cheeky (perceptive, I know) 

5x5 Websites

Twitter- keeps me informed with what people are talking about and delivers lots of entertainment into my day, I'm always on it 

Tumbr- keeps me up to date with fashion and what looks good, also provides a wide variety of media  and just generally entertaining things 

Instagram- Allows me to share good photo's I've taken of various things 

Youtube- this website keeps me entertained for hours at a time

BBC news- keeps me informed with current affairs and is one of the more unbiased and reliable news broadcasters 

5x5 Actors

Harrison Ford- He always portrays his characters well and manages to create a very likeable character 

Helena Bonham Carter- he portrayal of Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter film series was very impressive, she is one of the few actor's that actually ACT rather than just acting like themselves, she also comes across as very intellectual and down to earth in her interviews 

Jennifer Lawrence- Her acting in Silver Linings Playbook won her on oscar and quite rightly so, she is very talented but she is also very humble, judging from her interviews. She hasn't let her new founded fame get to her head and she's just generally a very likeable person 

Simon Pegg- His films are always quality and his character always has me in hysterics, he's witty, funny and a very good actor. His best piece of acting in my opinion was the portrayal of his character in Shaun of the Dead

Stephen Fry- Though his acting may not be the best (although it is good), I just generally like him as a person as he's down to earth and is very intelligent. I especially like his TV show Qi 

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